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The Battle of Aughrim

The Battle of Aughrim

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The Battle of Aughrim took place near the village of Aughrim in County Galway on the 12th of July 1691 between the Jacobite Irish Army and the forces of William the third.7000 men died on the battlefield that day.The tune is played on my latest creation, my 5th dulcimer to make. Mahogany back and sides cedar top a little bit of tweeking to do yet a few high frets.
Steve Battarbee
12/01/18 02:48:31AM @steve-battarbee:

Beautiful playing and you latest creation sounds great too

11/15/18 04:21:57AM @macaodha:

Thank you Elvensong.

11/14/18 12:22:04PM @elvensong:

What a rich sound - beautiful overtones! You must be very proud of this build.

This is the first time I've heard this tune and you play it wonderfully. I agree with Janene that you have a sure and soft touch.

Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece on a lovely instrument.

Janene Millen
11/06/18 12:48:07PM @janene-millen:

You have such a light but sure touch Val....kind of mesmerizing. I've often heard the name of the battle in music circles but I don't know anything about it except what you've just written...will have to get up to speed.  7,000 killed!!

11/05/18 12:15:36PM @elvensong:

Beautiful, Val. Your build has a wonderful tone!


11/05/18 04:36:10AM @macaodha:

Thank you all for listening and your comments. Much appreciated.

Brian G.
11/04/18 07:11:35PM @brian-g:

Val, this is wonderful.  I've always loved this tune and this is the first time I've heard it on the dulcimer. Great job!

Cherish the Ladies does a great version of this paired up with the Star Above the Garter that I love.  Also worth a listen if you love this tune.

Robin Clark
11/04/18 04:41:52PM @robin-clark:

Oh that's lovely Val smile   Beautifully played.

11/04/18 05:08:21AM @ariane:

Superb, Val! clapper

11/03/18 09:40:30PM @irene:

WOOHOO...this is beautifully played and on your own dulcimer!!!   yep, WE ALL WANT PHOTOS of your dulcimer and yep yep, want to see you playing too. thank you so much for adding to this old world a lovely dulcimer and your swift lovely playing.   aloha, irene

Gale A Barr
11/03/18 07:18:43PM @gale-a-barr:

Beautiful and poignant.

11/03/18 05:08:52PM @pondoro:

That is nice! I've heard it played on traditional Irish instruments but never a dulcimer. I guess they're all rebel instruments!

11/03/18 03:56:31PM @macaodha:

Thank you Dusty and Robin, the tune Robin is an old tune, one I used to play on whistle many years ago, was reminded of it the other night while playing a few tunes with a friend so I thought I'd have a go at it on my new Dulcimer.Will post some pics. if I can. 

Robin Thompson
11/03/18 03:00:58PM @robin-thompson:

Oh, this is lovely, Val-- is the tune an original composition?  Your dulcimer sounds beautiful and I'm sure it looks as fine as it sounds. 

Dusty Turtle
11/03/18 01:35:48PM @dusty-turtle:

What a great tune, Val, and your playing is so smooth.  I never knew you made dulcimers as well. 

Someday I hope you post a video, for I would love to see your fingers doing their work.