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The Princess Royal (Set Dance)

The Princess Royal (Set Dance)

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A tune I got recently from the playing of Frankie Gavin, played with subtle variations.
01/15/19 03:56:11AM @macaodha:

Robin,Steven, Irene thank you for listening and commenting. Much appreciated.

01/14/19 10:02:14PM @irene:

beautiful. your deftness of fingering and caring forth of this music show much practice and surely you bring joy to those that have the blessing of hearing you play and practice.  aloha, irene

Steven Berger
01/14/19 07:51:09PM @steven-berger:


Robin Thompson
01/14/19 11:46:43AM @robin-thompson:

Oh, Val, this is a wonderful tune and, as always, wonderfully played!