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Bridget Cruise (3rd Air)

Bridget Cruise (3rd Air)

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musician/member name: V. Hughes

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martin kirwan
02/01/19 04:12:29PM @martin-kirwan:

Beautiful stuff,one for the “to learn “ list.

nick o'sullivan
02/01/19 09:00:55AM @nick-osullivan:

Beautifully played Val

02/01/19 04:06:05AM @macaodha:

Thank you all for your kind comments.You are correct Dusty, I think that note is an F natural. You have a well trained ear.

02/01/19 02:54:08AM @ariane:

Very beautiful and calming, Val!

John C. Knopf
01/31/19 09:35:43PM @john-c-knopf:

So peaceful!

Robin Thompson
01/31/19 07:36:23PM @robin-thompson:

Val, your play is lovely.   The tune itself feels, to me, like some expression of longing.  

Dusty Turtle
01/31/19 06:28:24PM @dusty-turtle:

Very nice, Val.  That's quite relaxing.  Are you playing that with no extra frets?  If I'm not mistaken there's an accidental about halfway through the piece.

Steven Berger
01/31/19 05:13:08PM @steven-berger:

Nice tune, Val! Thanks for the history.

01/31/19 08:44:51AM @macaodha:

Bridget Cruise was descended from an Anglo-Norman family, which acquired lands in Counties Meath and Dublin during the Norman invasion. It is said that she was the object of O'Carolans earliest and tenderest attachment. The Cruises principal residence was at Cruisetown, near Nobber, Co. Meath. O'Carolan was born near Nobber. (1670-1738).