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Bruton Town.

Bruton Town.

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musician/member name: V. Hughes

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Collected by Lucy E Broadwood in 1914. This song is also known as The Bramble Briar in the Penguin Book Of English Folksongs.
Bill S
05/24/19 07:19:44AM @bill-s:

Lovely playing and a pleasant voice make this quite enjoyable.


05/24/19 03:26:24AM @macaodha:

Thank you all for your comments,appreciated.

Dusty Turtle
05/23/19 11:32:02PM @dusty-turtle:

Oh my! Is that the voice of Sir Val himself?  clap

I really like the pairing of your the dulcimer and voice. They complement each other well.

Robin Thompson
05/23/19 11:02:07PM @robin-thompson:

Oh, Val, you play and sing this old ballad wonderfully!  So good. 

Steven Berger
05/22/19 01:54:19PM @steven-berger:

I've heard this song only once before...your rendition is MUCH better, Val!

05/22/19 11:05:51AM @ariane:

I love it - you have such a beautiful voice, Val! flower