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Country: Éire

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Lord Inchiquin (O'Carolan)

Lord Inchiquin (O'Carolan)

style or instrument: Fingerpicking-Tear Drop Dulcimer(V.Hughes maker)

musician/member name: V. Hughes

streams: 69


Composed in honour of the 4th Earl of Inchiquin who succeded to the title on the death of his father 24th Dec. 1719 and died in 1777. The family seat was Dromoland Castle, County Clare.
nick o'sullivan
05/08/21 06:02:44AM @nick-osullivan:

Beautiful Val, the touch of the Master's Hand as always.

Hope all is well with you.

Best wishes, Nick

03/04/21 02:57:22PM @macaodha:

Jan, Ariane thank you for your comments. I like to keep the bass running through whatever tune I'm playing as much as possible. I think it adds a nice little bit to the melody.

Janene Millen
03/03/21 01:00:07PM @janene-millen:

So lovely Val.  I love a lot of the bass throughout.  Some interesting chords in it, I haven't heard done on this piece before. So refined :-) 

03/02/21 07:40:10AM @ariane:

Wonderful playing and sound, Val - this tune reminds me of the first steps on my tin whistle - it was one of the first tunes I have learned to play on it many years ago.

Robin Thompson
12/02/20 05:24:27PM @robin-thompson:

Val, your play of this lovely O'Carolan piece is outstanding!  The dulcimer you built has a wonderful warm tone.  All so good!