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Country: Éire

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A Jig

A Jig

style or instrument: Melody- drone-Hourglass dulcimer.

musician/member name: V. Hughes

streams: 60

11/10/22 02:27:56PM @macaodha:

An old tune Dusty, with several variations the name has slipped my mind.  B jig, C jig I like that Dusty something to work on. You might regret. Thank you Robin.

Dusty Turtle
11/09/22 06:18:50PM @dusty:

Is this an original, Val?  It's wonderful!  Hard to keep my feet still as I listen.

But you have 25 more to go: B Jig, C Jig, D Jig, etc. Laugh

Robin Thompson
11/09/22 11:29:41AM @robin-thompson:

Val, this is a delight!