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La Volta

La Volta

style or instrument: Fingerpicking- Hourglass Dulcimer.(Maker-V. Hughes)

musician/member name: V. Hughes

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Got this tune from the playing of Roger Nicholson.
08/01/23 07:17:27PM @davisjames:

Lovely tune.Makes complete sense to the ear until you start counting the beats.. definitely not a modern(the last 200 years) 4/4 tune...Traditional musicians still hearken back to that especially in French Canada.

07/27/23 11:17:26AM @strumelia:

I've heard this tune before. Nicely played, Val!  I like that cool minor-sounding third part you have in the middle there (if I'm hearing it right). I've never heard this tune with that part before. Was it included in Nicholson's version?
I'm wondering if this is a tune that would have been associated with the popular but scandalous Renaissance dance La Volta?  Here is a fascinating page to learn about that dance. 

07/24/23 06:06:28AM @macaodha:

Thank you all.

Phil Myers
07/23/23 09:19:01PM @phil-myers:

As usual another awesome tune from you, Val.

Robin Thompson
07/23/23 04:25:45PM @robin-thompson:

Val, this is wonderful.  La Volta is not a tune with which I am at all familiar and I'm glad you played and recorded it to share.