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The Well Below the Valley.

The Well Below the Valley.

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The Well Below The Valley is a version of the Child Ballad No 21 The Maid and The Palmer. The Well Below The Valley was collected by Tom Munnelly from John Reilly a traveller from County Roscommon. John had a huge repertoire of songs which included many versions of Child Ballads.The Well Below the Valley is the only version of this song collected from the Oral tradition in 200 year.Child's versions, one from the Percy manuscript, and one from A Ballad Book by Charles Kirkpatrick. I posted this song some years ago, this attempt has a small change to one of the verses, using a line from The Maid and the Palmer
Robin Thompson
03/11/18 05:29:50PM @robin-thompson:

Oh, Val, your singing and play of this ballad is just right.  

03/11/18 01:48:44PM @strumelia:

This is one of my very favorite ballads.  It features a beautiful and forlorn melody, but has the 'darkest' subject matter of all the ballads I know.  It's about a woman who is a victim of incest, who murdered the resultant babies. In the ballad, she tells where she has buried each one, and who the father is.  So terrible and sad.

Val, you've done a wonderful job with this.

03/11/18 10:20:12AM @macaodha:

That's all it is Ariane sliding up and down. Melody drone style.

03/11/18 09:06:21AM @ariane:

How do you make this beautiful fast tone sequence embellishment -  it does not sound as if it is "only" sliding?

03/11/18 08:59:48AM @ariane:

Very very lovely - they playing and your voice

Dusty Turtle
03/09/18 02:43:01PM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks, Val, for that explanation.  I sure wish you would post an occasional video. Your playing is both excellent and unique and I'd love to see you in action.

03/09/18 08:10:58AM @macaodha:

My tuning Dusty as far as I know is Ccb. I get the note for my melody string at the 6th fret of my base string. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Dusty Turtle
03/08/18 04:46:19PM @dusty-turtle:

What a haunting melody.  And what a sensitive version of this song.  Thanks for posting this, Val.  Can I ask how you're tuned?  It sounds like you're in Bm (or B aeolian).