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A Happy Song

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Duration: 00:01:19
Here's a happy little song I hope to teach the kids next time, tuned to A F# F#
Macy Jayne
03/30/13 07:58:20AM @macy-jayne:

Lol, April foolsGrin.gif

Jan Potts
03/30/13 12:51:03AM @jan-potts:

Oh my! I'm so glad thisis a joke.....I was thinking "this poor lass needs to get into therapy--quick!"

Burrell Loew
03/29/13 11:41:57AM @burrell-loew:

What some people want do to get attention! love it Tongue.gif

Kristi Keller
03/29/13 10:09:04AM @kristi-keller:

What bliss to find the perfect Easter and April 1 gift for all my musical (ex) friends. Many thanks!

Macy Jayne
03/22/13 09:09:50PM @macy-jayne:

Gayle, I agreeGrin.gif

Gayle Maurer
03/22/13 01:53:42AM @gayle-maurer:
Well, what a lovely dulcimer! That tuning is... Interesting.
Macy Jayne
02/16/13 11:11:59AM @macy-jayne:

Lol, this got me belly laughing, that my April Fool's vid is featuredGrin.gif What an awful sounding song, not happy at all, made me want to vomit just now!

Robin Thompson
04/02/12 12:21:12PM @robin-thompson:

You got me skipping along with that one! :) Hope your April Fool's Day was a good one, MJ!

Macy Jayne
04/01/12 06:43:13PM @macy-jayne:

It's such a heavy song, my shoulders sag lower with each strum102.gif

Robin Clark
04/01/12 06:12:16PM @robin-clark:

Oh -that has to be my favourite tuning ever 107.gif24.gif

Macy Jayne
04/01/12 04:40:11PM @macy-jayne:

Lol Garey! It's tuned to Aprilfoolian modeGrin.gif

Macy Jayne
04/01/12 02:40:45PM @macy-jayne:

April Fools! Hence the A F# tuning. What an awfully melancholy song and tuningFrown.gif