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Night Eyes

Night Eyes

style or instrument: Mountain Dulcimer

musician/member name: Mark Filler

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From a 1987 recording of my band Second Nature with me on dulcimer, David Casper on cheng, Glen Casper on bass and Kenny Mandell, shakuhachi flute. This was originally an improvisation that emerged at our first concert pretty much in the form you are hearing here.
03/30/22 01:32:32PM @davisjames:

Wonderful!It's a sound I've kind of dreamt of-no did it...By the way I'm a guitar player and love the instrument.I just find it way too prevalent in everything involving stringed instruments.Love the wide dynamics you achieved on this piece.

Robin Thompson
01/20/22 09:24:59AM @robin-thompson:

Way cool, Mark.  I like hearing mountain dulcimer in various musical settings.  

Mark Filler
01/20/22 09:04:57AM @mark-filler:

That picture of me is from the late 70's at an open mic sponsored by Victory Music.  That dulcimer was made by Rod Mathison. I no longer have it but I have a Sunhearth now.  I have never been a feather fan though.

01/20/22 07:45:16AM @strumelia:

Very cool Mark!

I'd really like to know a bit more about the photo of you playing in that newspaper clipping in your avatar.
-Tell us all about that wonderful tall-bodied dulcimer you were playing in the photo! Do you still have it? Also, it looks like you were using a feather plectrum? Cool beans...