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Crooked Road Dulcimer Festival -(VA)

Crooked Road Dulcimer Festival -(VA)

Thursday May 25 2017, 2:00 PM
@ Ferrum, VA
Attendees:  @Marsha Harris@Laurel K Scott

The Crooked Road Dulcimer Festival in Virginia is a unique event offering morning presentations for all participants and repeat of classes. The classes are offered Friday and the same classes repeated on Saturday for another group of students.  The Friday morning presentation is by Roddy Moore on his Explorations of a Mountain Dulcimer Collection and the Saturday morning presentation by Jon Pickow is on his Ritchie Family Songs and Traditions. Classes for the beginner to the advanced mountain dulcimer player taught by wonderful instructors; Jeff Furman, Joe Collins, Ken Bloom, Nancy Galambush, Wayne Seymour, Jon Pickow, Phyllis and Jim Gaskins, Bill Collins, Mary Greene, Ben Seymour, Roddy Moore and Marsha Harris.  Please check out the website for information on the festival

Marsha Harris
01/23/17 10:15:00AM @marsha-harris:

Hello Linda,

  My apologizes for a late response.  If you go to the website link and click on the registration link, the prices are given for registration and housing/meals. Registration price is based on the date you sign up and covers the workshops.  The housing/meals depends on if you are rooming alone or have a roommate. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Hope to see you there. 

Linda Boies
01/17/17 06:54:09AM @linda-boies:

Hi Marsha! I was looking at the information on this event and had a question. Is the registration the fee for the class workshops? Or is it a registration fee, housing/meal fee, and workshop fee? How much are the workshops, if there is an additional fee?