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Country: US

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"The Virginia Dulcimer: 200 Years of Bowing, Strumming and Plucking" exhibit

I play the mountain and bowed dulcimer and fiddle at Civil War...
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Kathryn Bruno
11/13/14 11:19:58PM @kathryn-bruno:

Hi Marsha, yes, I guess you're right, about every day being like a weekend. I see that you have an interest in Civil War reenactment balls, do you dress the part? I ask because sometimes we perform for heritage festivals around here and none of us dress for the period. I saw Nancy's dress (from Flat Mountain Dulcimer, I have their photo on my home page at Facebook) and really like it but don't know what time period it's modeled after...I would like to have an appropriate dress but not sure how to find out just what that is....any suggestions?

Kathryn Bruno
11/13/14 10:17:08PM @kathryn-bruno:

Hi Marsha, happy to see you here, I just joined. Hope you have a great weekend! Kathryn

Elaine Gross
05/16/11 02:58:59PM @elaine-gross:

Hi, Marsha

I recently attended the Winston-Salem Festival and you were recommended to me as someone who lived here in MHC and might be able to give me some lessons on theMountain Dulcimer. I am a real beginner but am attending as many workshops, etc. as possible this summer to get myself started. I am wondering if we could perhaps get together for some sessions towards fall when the festival season is not so I am sure you are busy as well, with all you do.

Elaine Gross

Gary Sager
07/25/10 07:05:53PM @gary-sager:
Marsha, I haven't been here all that much either. Just not enough time in the day or night.
Robin Thompson
04/16/10 11:54:29AM @robin-thompson:
Hey, Marsha--Great to see you here!I'm enjoying the Pardessus every which way. Got a really really cheap ($19.99) viola bow from Shar to check out a viola bow-- I like it. When I get good, I may not like it as well. Grin.gif
Bill Lewis
04/16/10 06:15:32AM @bill-lewis:
Welcome to FOTMD Marsha.:)
Rod Westerfield
04/15/10 10:54:20PM @rod-westerfield:
welcome Marsha.. glad ya joined the family..
04/15/10 09:48:22PM @strumelia:
Welcome Marsha, happy to have you join us!