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Kay Lancaster
08/25/13 05:53:08AM @kay-lancaster:


The workshop was great and once again Stephen was just what the doctor ordered. Who would have known that so many dulcimer placers were in are area. Music, Music, Music and so many bringing a song to play. GREAT JOB. Grin.gif Kay

Kay Lancaster
07/09/13 11:11:44PM @kay-lancaster:

Hi Nancy, I'm glad your home and I'm so ready to PLAY...Smile.gif

07/09/13 09:27:09PM @cathy3:
Hello Nancy,My name is Cathy and I live in Platteville. Could you reply with more information about the August 24 workshop?I would love to attend.Thank you
Larry Conger
02/18/13 01:08:07PM @larry-conger:

WOW! 16 students! You're off to a roaring start. I appreciate folks who are willing to share the dulcimer by showing others how much fun it can be.

Kay Lancaster
06/13/12 08:35:54AM @kay-lancaster:

Hi Nancy, I just love our group of ladies and no one can say "give me more I'm bored"Grin.gif I just love all of the diversity in music too. Learning different styles of picking from you is GREAT my friend. See you soon..


Molly McCormack
11/10/09 11:22:17PM @molly-mccormack:
Hi Nancy, Gabby is really amazing! She is singing harmony and playing tunes by ear. We are having so much fun! Hope to see you around sometime soon.
Rod Westerfield
10/14/09 11:21:46PM @rod-westerfield:
Nancy I got my first dulcimer in 1973 if I remember right... yeah it would have been the building I haven't been in that area since around 1980ish... we used spend weeks of the summer in Baraboo for years...
Nancy Garrett
10/14/09 11:18:48PM @nancy-garrett:
Oh yes, the cheese shop is great,if you are talking about the building that is painted like a cow. If you are talking about the shop that's been replaced by the supersized Menards, it is no longer there.How long have you been playing?
Rod Westerfield
10/14/09 11:09:33PM @rod-westerfield:
Nancy welcome to the family, glad ya joined us... I remember stop many times in Janesville at the cheese shop on our way home or to Baraboo...