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Fairest Lord Jesus (Dulcimer Duet)

Fairest Lord Jesus (Dulcimer Duet)

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Original recording by Mike Mullen done on 4 track cassette recorder 20 plus years ago. I recently found the cassette and made a digital transfer. I arranged and multi track recorded both parts. Using the same dulcimer, part A dulcimer was tuned DGD and part B dulcimer was tuned DAD with a capo on the 3rd fret to put it in the key of G.
09/25/19 07:07:21PM @mikemullen1:

Thank you Robin for your kind thoughts regarding my mountain dulcimer music. I find myself wanting to learn tunes from other instruments and arrange them for mountain dulcimer. The Blarney Pilgrim jig was inspired by the Celtic Cittern player, Dave Richardson  in the group Boys of the Lough. The second jig, Merrily Kissed the Quaker was learned by listening to the great Irish group, Planxty, and the late, great Uilleann Piper,Liam O'Flynn. I go back and forth between traditional Celtic and traditional American tunes and find that both can fall beautifully on the MD. Thanks again!

Robin Thompson
09/25/19 10:48:17AM @robin-thompson:

I like the textures you brought to this wonderful old hymn, Mike.