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Huron Carol_Dulcimer_12_19

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A new arrangement of a traditional Christmas Carol that I sang and played with my late music partner, George Stewart. We both played guitar and sang on our version and it's just not the same without him, but I love the tune and the memories it brings this time of year so I decided to arrange it for solo mountain dulcimer. Still working the kinks out of the arrangement but I would love your thoughts on where it's at and how to make it better. Thanks and Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays
12/17/19 06:07:49PM @mikemullen1:

I have been trying to help an old friend find another 5 string mountain dulcimer made by Hickory Ridge Dulcimer Works. He and his family lost their beloved Dulcimers in a fire many years ago and I have been looking online for one on their behalf. They have been away from the dulcimer world for a long time so I thought I would reach out to this wonderful community on their behalf to see if anyone knows of one that is either for sale or is no longer played and the owner may be willing to see theirs go to a good home. 

The Hickory Ridge dulcimers were made by Jeff and Sharon Fetlman from the late 70's up till the early 1990's. The 5 sting versions were a professional model and easily identified by the 4 leaf clover arrangement of hearts on the right top and bottom left sound holes. I know that they are only looking for a Hickory Ridge 5 string and not any other model or brand but it could be an hour glass or teardrop shape as they once owned both. The attached photo shows the classic Hickory Ridge Dulcimer works sound holes. 

If you know of one that may be available please let me know and I will forward the info on to my friend. (I am doing this as a surprise for my friend)

Thank you!

Mike Mullen

12/17/19 05:45:54PM @mikemullen1:

Thank you for your wonderful feedback on my new arrangement of the Huron Carol. I tend to be my worst critic so an objective and knowledgeable ear is very helpful and you all have provided just that. THANK YOU!

Gordon Hardy
12/17/19 11:11:32AM @gordon-hardy:

Mike this is a beautiful rendition. I've always appreciated the haunting quality of the Huron Carol, I think it's fitting that you live in traditional Huron territory. Canadian singer Tom Jackson sings a lovely version of this carol. Thank you.

12/17/19 09:18:35AM @bob:

Very nice !

Robin Thompson
12/17/19 07:28:39AM @robin-thompson:

Mike this is lovely.  And such a nice way to honor the memory of your old music partner. 

12/17/19 03:56:06AM @ariane:

Wonderful playing and arrangement!