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Planxty Irwin

Planxty Irwin

style or instrument: Wire strung Celtic Harp and Mountain Dulcimer

musician/member name: mikeMullen1

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I recently found a cassette tape that I recorded both tracks with my 1987 wire strung Celtic Harp and my 1984, 5 string Hickory Ridge Mountain Dulcimer. I was new to the Celtic Harp and knew 2 tunes at the time of this recording! I believe the recording was made in 1988.
11/03/21 10:35:41PM @mikemullen1:

Thank you Jan for your kind words regarding my early recording of Planxty Irwin.

Jan Potts
11/03/21 10:10:44PM @jan-potts:

So pretty!  I really enjoyed listening to this tonight.

01/09/21 11:19:31PM @jost:

Beautiful and quite good sound considering it's an old cassette tape

12/12/20 08:41:18AM @mikemullen1:

Thanks Robin for your kind thoughts. I had forgotten all about this recording and I was pleased to find it.

Robin Thompson
12/12/20 08:27:19AM @robin-thompson:

So cool you found that cassette tape!  The sound of the Celtic Harp reminds me of the sound of an antique music box I have which belong to somebody in my dad's family long ago.  Neat recording you made!