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Country: US

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The Last Lonely Leaf

Artist: Noah Aikens
Genre: Folk & Singer-Songwriter
Duration: 00:02:12

This is a song I wrote in response to the Syrian Refugee crisis that's been going on for quite some time now. I recorded this with a passive pickup for my guitar (It's like an electric guitar pickup for acoustic). I used a Shure SM57 mic for vocals. I recorded into audacity through my church's sound system. I really love the melody that I wrote for this because it sounds good on the dulcimer and the NA flute. So I may post a recording of that when I get around to it.

04/04/18 02:10:01PM @ariane:

Thank you very much for this very sensitive and fine song.

Jennifer Ranger
03/07/17 12:48:36PM @jennifer-ranger:

Great job dealing with a terribly sad subject.  Thank you.

03/07/17 09:07:04AM @jenniferc:

This is really nice,  Noah!

Dusty Turtle
03/06/17 06:58:57PM @dusty-turtle:

That's very nice, Noah.

Noah Aikens
03/06/17 08:39:53AM @noah-aikens:

thanks all. :)

Lexie R Oakley
03/06/17 08:05:10AM @lexie-r-oakley:

Touching song Noah! Well done!

Steven Berger
03/04/17 06:51:47AM @steven-berger:

Good song, Noah!



03/03/17 10:16:25PM @strumelia:

 Good for you Noah, good song.

Annie Deeley
03/03/17 09:52:56PM @annie-deeley:

PS the refugees arriving here have escaped from war torn countries, then to South America and North through your country to mine. Some from Syria, many from Somalia as well.

Annie Deeley
03/03/17 09:48:31PM @annie-deeley:

Noah, what a fine, fine song! The melody is evocative and a perfect vehicle for those amazing lyrics.

I live jsut north of Emerson, Manitoba, where asylum seekers are crossing the border from the US through deep snow and dangerous cold...

Putting on the headphones to listen again! Thank you.

Noah Aikens
03/03/17 07:11:18PM @noah-aikens:

Oh and y'all may want to put some headphones on. It's kinda quiet.