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POLL: Do you play a dulcimer before buying it?

Do you buy dulcimers without always trying them out in person first?  Do you never buy a dulcimer unless you've had a chance to play it and examine it yourself? Choose the answer closest to your approach on this subject!

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POLL: Do you play alone, or with others?

Curious about how many folks tend to play alone at home or at dulcimer club meeting, or at jams and festivals?  Choose the selection that best describes how you tend to play, and VOTE in this poll!  Remember, the poll is just for fun.  violin  

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POLL!: Have you reviewed or customized your site notification settings?



Help us make FOTMD better!

We want your input on whether you have customized your site Notification options in your own Member Settings ....and why you have or have not.

-->  Note that these settings can be found in the Notifications TAB of your Account Settings.  The default setting is to have an email notification sent to you upon each of the various actions listed there.

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POLL: Single or Doubled melody string ?

Vote now!

POLL:  Regardless of what style you play in, how many other strings your dulcimer might have, or what tunings you might use...

please tell us whether you generally prefer using a doubled pair of melody strings (played/fretted as one), or whether you generally prefer a single melody string.