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12/14/21 02:38:26PM @davisjames:

Wow,is that ever cool!  I used to play in the Toronto mandolin orchestra[formerly the Shevchenko ensemble]...no stranger to balalaikas,domras,but mandolins had taken their place...great stuff.

Sue Simms
07/09/10 08:44:35PM @sue-simms:
Wow Smile.gif
01/07/10 10:58:51AM @foggers:
Truly unique! Great tune and the arrangement works so well. Makes me hanker after an acoustic bass instrument of some kind (I used to play double bass in school orchestra).
Randy Adams
10/25/09 12:10:07PM @randy-adams:
Wow the dulcimer & that big ol bass go good together!...& a good tune also....looks like fun! Thx for showing it to us...
Robin Thompson
10/25/09 11:26:35AM @robin-thompson:
Hum it? I'll want to have a dulcimer on my lap and play it!I enjoyed the video, Dick. Thanks for the post!