Sally Whytehead


Location: Worcestershire
Country: GB

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Patricia Delich
05/30/14 06:37:54PM @patricia-delich:

Just let me know how many you'd like so we can make sure you get what you want.

Patricia Delich
05/30/14 12:33:48PM @patricia-delich:

HI Sally,

Yes, we will be bringing some DVDs to the screening. Will you be attending? Let me know if you would like us to save one for you to be sure you get one. Here's the info about the screening:

Anyone else in the UK who will be attending the screening and would like me to save a DVD for you, let me know. Great way to save on those outrageous shipping costs!!

John Henry
04/14/11 06:51:49PM @john-henry:

May I suggest you bring a dulcimer each !!! Sorry I could'nt resist that, perhaps something 'sweet' between you? I have persuaded JohnS to lead !!! Look forward to seeing you


John Henry
04/13/11 06:09:47PM @john-henry:

Hello Sally

I think that I am getting worse at using this thing , as this is a third try at getting a message to you. If you have already received anything from me please excuse the repeats.

Right! there is to be a dulcimer meet at my place on Sun ,17th Apr. Initally I thought that Geoff B was going to contact folk, but all the while he assumed that I would be, hence the late contact. I managed to get a message to Wendy a while back, and she replied, so I know that I got it right that time, and on the same occasion I sent a similar message to you,using the same technique, but that one does'nt seem to have reached you !!! Anyway, if you and any others could join us we would be pleased, anytime after 1300 hrs, light refreshments on arrival, should anyone intend coming would appreciate notice for logistical purposes.


nick o'sullivan
01/12/11 08:17:36AM @nick-osullivan:

It was about 3 years ago so quality may have indeed improved



John Henry
11/17/10 06:53:13AM @john-henry:
Yet another welcome, Sally !!!John
John Henry
11/16/10 05:04:33PM @john-henry:
Of course Sally; it was good to see you again.John
John Shaw
11/01/10 10:58:50AM @john-shaw:
Welcome, Sally - and see you next week!
10/31/10 07:54:50PM @strumelia:
Hi Sally, great that you've joined us!
Rod Westerfield
10/30/10 05:27:15PM @rod-westerfield:
welcome Sally glad ya joined the FOTMD family.... 103.gif
Bill Lewis
10/30/10 05:04:27PM @bill-lewis:
Welcome to FOTMD Sally. Grin.gif
Geoff Black
10/30/10 04:02:59PM @geoff-black:
Hallo SallyGlad to have you on board - on the right kind of dulcimer too....!Geoff (and Anne)
John Henry
10/30/10 03:32:11PM @john-henry:
Welcome to you Sally, you will find a few old friends here !!!JohnH