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Location: Wilson, NC
Country: United States

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style or instrument: Noter\Drone DAD

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Sam Searls
06/15/16 08:05:53AM @sam-searls:

Yes John I was using a plastic tie on this song.  I use the tie for everything.  About the only thing I change is how far up or down on the tie that I hold it.

John W. McKinstry
06/14/16 10:10:03PM @john-w-mckinstry:

Hi Sam,  A very sweet sound.  Were you using that heavy duty plastic tie that you suggested to replace the turkey quill for strumming?

Lexie R Oakley
04/18/16 11:02:15AM @lexie-r-oakley:

Very nice Sam, I like the sound of your dulcimer.

Gordon Hardy
04/18/16 10:19:14AM @gordon-hardy:

Thanks Sam, I like that one.

04/18/16 09:06:17AM @strumelia:

This is real nice Sam.   A fine sounding dulcimer, too!