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11/08/17 06:40:30PM @papasims:

Wondering if you still have the Blue Lion?

sandra hehl
10/18/17 03:13:56PM @sandra-hehl:

In order for me to clear the 650 I would need to charge 669 plus change because of PayPal fees. That amount could change if the fee is based on shipping and handling costs added  to the sale price.

Kristi Keller
08/19/14 09:42:19PM @kristi-keller:

PM your email if you want to see pix of Laurel Mountain mini. Handsome walnut back and sides. Purple heart fretboard and divider i back. Spruce top. Sound is excellent. Case, extra strings.

Chuck Moseley
10/11/12 08:30:02AM @chuck-moseley:

Hi Sandra! Just wanted to let you know that Stephen Siefert will be at Oak Grove Baptist Church (685 Princess Anne Road, Va. Beach) October 26! Were still hammering out the final details but basically it will be a workshop (probably 2 one hour group sessions) and a concert. If you want to participate in both its $50; concert only is $10. Ill have the final details in the next week but wanted to start getting the word out to drum up some interest. Please message me if you have any interest or e-mail ( put Siefert in the subject line). Hopefully well see you there!! Smile.gif

Bill Lewis
06/25/11 12:30:17PM @bill-lewis:
Welcome to FOTMD Sandra, glad ya found us. Grin.gif
Jim Fawcett
06/20/11 02:54:11AM @jim-fawcett:
Hey Sandra, welcome aboard. Glad ya found us.
John Keane
06/19/11 10:39:23PM @john-keane:
My bad...I reckon it was a different Sandra. Glad you liked the song lol. Nice to have you here at FOTMD!
John Keane
06/19/11 06:51:35PM @john-keane:
Yep...Dulcimerville was a blast. I'm pretty sure we shared a table at supper the first night we were there (in the back right corner w/ Randy Adams). I'm the "Momma, I Just Threw Up On the Couch" guy from open mic night.
John Keane
06/19/11 04:14:52PM @john-keane:
Hi there and welcome to FOTMD! Dulcimerville was a hoot!