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Richard Streib
@richard-streib • 3 months ago • comments: 0
Posted a response to "How did you first discover the mountain dulcimer?":
"I saw and heard the mountain dulcimer in the fall of 1991 at Epcot Center in front of the America Pavilion. They were being shown and sold by a young man..."
Richard Streib
@richard-streib • 3 months ago • comments: 14
Posted a new Comment on How to practice effectively:
"You folks are wonderful. Thanks for all the great responses.  I do not know how to practice scales and arpeggios. I know what a scale is as related to the..."
Richard Streib
@richard-streib • 3 months ago • comments: 14
Created a new Group discussion "How to practice effectively":
"I live in an area without any instructors. I much prefer noter drone style playing. I am participating in a slow jam group geared to beginners but most in..."
OLD STYLE Drone & Noter players
Richard Streib
@richard-streib • 4 months ago • comments: 2
Posted a new Comment on North Carolinians Plus:
"There is a relatively new (May 2016) beginners slow jam group now in the Piedmont area of NC. It is called Cane Creek Beginners Group. Meeting is weekly at..."
Richard Streib
@richard-streib • 4 months ago • comments: 31
Posted a new Comment on Developing Noter Drone Playing – The Melodic Style:
"This sounds so interesting. I find that sometimes I prefer just the melody note to sustain a little rather than strum again for instance for a half note..."

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I live in an area without any instructors. I much prefer noter drone...
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Noter Drone on a baritone

A novice player here. Is it possible to play in ionian mode noter...
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Noter drone teacher in central NC

I am interested to find out if there may be a noter drone teacher in...
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Possum board

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CD's in noter drone style

Can anyone recommend CD's with songs played in noter drone style?
@Richard Streib 3 years ago - Comments: 13

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Dale Hollandbeck
02/21/14 11:25:34AM @dale-hollandbeck:

Thanks for the welcome Richard! Glad to be here.

Kendra Ward
09/11/11 09:59:43PM @kendra-ward:
Richard, I would love to sit and talk with you. I hope we can make it to Unicoi. We do not know yet.
Kendra Ward
08/20/11 09:52:23PM @kendra-ward:
When is Unicoi this year? I would love to make it again...
carole watterson troxler
07/24/11 09:37:40AM @carole-watterson-troxler:
Hi, I'm I've been thinking about what you posted. I got the impression that maybe you "hear" everything in a piece (harmony and melody). If I'm right, I suggest you work at picking out the melody when you hear something, or sing along with solo singers, like in the car. Male singers will be easier to "match." Try to get your head fully engaged in the tune. I think listening and then thinking about the melody are the two most important things in learning (the first for any instrument) but the second particularly for noter playing, because you have to play the tune "automatically." If you are hymn-lover, as I am, singing hymns to yourself is excellent -- as long as you're sure you're sining the actual melody and not harmony.
12/02/10 07:33:44PM @strumelia:
Richard I'm glad you've joined
Bill Lewis
12/02/10 05:48:20PM @bill-lewis:
Welcome to FOTMD Richard. Grin.gif
Rod Westerfield
12/02/10 04:48:13PM @rod-westerfield:
welcome Richard glad ya joined the FOTMD family.. 103.gif