Teaching Cancer Survivors at Gilda's Club Louisville (Gilda Radner)

11/15/14 08:52:42PM

I have been teaching at Gilda's club for a couple of years now and was just searching the internet for a tab for "Little Drummer Boy". Then I found a site that says the tune was written in 1957 so it is copyrighted. The group played it last year and wants to do it again but the only tab we have is a page with only the dulcimer tab, without the notation. There is no time signature and we are wondering if it is in 4/4 time, which I think it is. The question is how long do we hold the notes at the end of the phrases. In 4/4 time, it would be 5 beats, I think, but it feels awfully long. Does anyone else play this tune and how do you count those parts? I found one sheet music sample that included 2 rests as part of the 5 beats, if that makes sense.