How to speed up learning by slowing down .... (not just for beginners)

Mark Brothers
02/08/15 01:19:56AM
Ever wondered how a song in a video on here, or anywhere, is played but the finger movement is so fast or complicated that you can't take it all in ?If you have an ipad I have a solution - ironically called SpeedUpTV - available in the App store.This app lets you import a video from any source and play it back at multiple speeds. Slowing most video's down to half speed is usually enough to workout what is happening but it will go slower.On other video apps that do this, the sound is destroyed by the slowing and the consequence is that the learning link between the vision of the fingers and sound is broken.This app retains the sound quality and the pitch of the music. If you select the high quality algorithm in the settings the quality is almost flawless.And not only that but you can zoom and move the image so that the screen is full of just the fretboard.Essentially you can slow down the video to a speed where you can watch what happens, repeat it on your dulcimer in real time and very slow, get the gist of what is happening but still be in tune with the video. It's quite brilliant.Best AU$3.79 I've spent recently.