Other Than Equal Temperament

Randy Adams
02/19/15 08:49:06PM

Robin Clark has posted a thread about mean temperament and just temperament. The ideas and work they are doing there are excellent and I commend them for it.

But the sound they are going for....the "sweet" spot with the beautiful blend with the drones isn't what I'd like to hear.....well.... I like to hear it but I want to play something different.

If I could get my dulcimer to play this guy's scale I'd be happy....or at least a little happier than I am now... : )

Isham Monday playing 'Nancy Dawson'


I guess if I was gonna look for an alternative to the equal temperament I'd want this edgier sound and I think his playing is typical of the fiddlers I enjoy listening to.

Can you figure out what he's doing here? Sounds like he plays only a few notes flatter than ET particularly in the 2nd part?

If someone could make me a dulcimer that made this kind of noise I'd buy one!

I enjoyed trying for this sound when I played the fretless dulcimer regular but I'm into this n/d fretted dulcimer for a while here.