First dulcimer build for me/Cardboard kit

Patty from Virginia
12/06/12 01:26:40PM

I joined this group a while back because Jennifer made an awesome dulcimer with a kit and I had to comment on it. Then I felt obligated to try to build a dulcimer myself. Since I'm a little timid around power tools I thought cardboard was the way to go for me. I must say that I feel this post is unworthy of this group. I have seen you all build some of the most beautiful dulcimers. You all are very talented indeed. So please forgive me with this post. This also was to be a 4H project with my 4H club this year. I had many kids signed up but unfortunately the parents thought it was a bit too pricey. I was referred to Backyard Music ( ) by Ken L. and they do offer group discounts. We had enough signed up (including me) to get the kits at $36.00 a piece without shipping. I thought that was a deal. Anyway, I decided to order a kit for myself, still a deal, so I can build it and sell the idea to the parents. I would like to see the kids build their own dulcimers.

I welcome all your comments, help and suggestions. I plan to post progress reports with pictures and maybe a video or two. Here are some pictures of the kit: