Dulci Can 4H Instrument Project

Patty from Virginia
12/21/12 06:27:58PM

I actually completed my first build of a dulci-can or canjo yesterday. I have to say it was partially assembled. I needed to add some rubber bands and tighten up the string. The parents in our 4H club opted to go with these dulci-cans because they were less expensive than the cardboard dulcimer. Yes, I'm a little disappointed but I'm still hoping some parents will want order the cardboard dulcimer kits for next year. I think when I get mine finished they will hear the difference. I will say one thing for these dulci-can/canjos. They do play a tune. I played Old Joe Clark and Grey Cat and it wasn't too bad. When I first tightened the string it wasn't quite tight enough. I decided to tune it up to d above C but then I got concerned the thing might pop apart so I backed it down to C. Here are some pictures.