Music Therapy Books

Guy Babusek
07/25/13 10:44:35AM

There are some wonderful books on music therapy that are usually geared toward the harp, but much of the information can be adapted to the dulcimer. This information is especially useful for hospice work. Unfortunately these books tend to be rather expensive. but the information is quite valuable.

Here are a few titles that may be of interest to you:

"The New Music Therapist's Handbook" by Suzanne Hanser

"An Introduction to Music Therapy" by William Davis

"The Healing Power of Sound" by Mitchell Gaynor

"Good Vibrations, Principles of Vibroacoustic Harp Therapy" bySarajane Williams

"Harp Therapy Manual" by Christina Tourin

"Music and Soulmaking" by Barbara Crow

"The Healing Musician" by Stella Benson

"Grace Notes" by Tami Briggs

"At The Heart of the Matter" by Ann R. Bewley