Cedar Creek Kit

Peter W.
09/08/13 01:03:59PM

This weekend I ordered a Dulcimer Kit for the "Red Meadow" model from Cedar Creek.

I am not very experienced with building instruments, but I will get help from a friend who builds ukuleles (and has experience and tools) - so I hope, I'll get a decent result.

It comes with laminatedbirch top, back and sides.

The motivation to build a dulcimer from a kit is not only to get the experience, but I'm also planning some modifications like:

- I'd like to use wooden viola pegs (I've already got them here)

- I'd like to install a piezo transducer ( like this one , but permanently fixed under the top and with a jack socket that can be used as a strap button)

- I''ll try to get a spruce or cedar top (I guess, my ukulele building friend can help me with that) and use one of the birch boards for a second "Galax" back. As my friend has a milling tool to cut the overhanging edges of his ukuleles I hope that is possible.

Any other ideas from the experienced instrument builders here?

And a second question: all pictures on the Cedar Creek website are very small and it is impossible to see any details. Does anybody have a photo of a Cedar Creek kit?

I guess it will take some time until it will arrive here in Germany - so a picture would help me to get a better idea of what I have to expect.