First Festival

01/23/14 03:14:40PM

Ok, now that I have my dulcimer and beginning to learn it, next up is to go to a Festival. I see several different ones in different parts of the country. Some may be larger but for my first time will need to stick close to home. I was looking at the Lagniappe Festival in Port Allen, La - across the Mississippi from Baton Rouge but have decided on the Palestine Old Time Music and Dulcimer Festival in Palestine, TX. It doesn't seem to be a large as some but I can get to it in a day, see some of the same headliners that would be at some of the other festivals and enjoy my first time.

Now, what is it I would want to do at the Festival?

Do I want to take a workshop for beginners?

Do I want to try & sit in on a Jam, if I play very very quite and not annoy anyone but sit next to someone to see & hear & learn?

Or do I want to just walk around and look, check out some of the dulcimers and accessories for sale?

Anything you would like to suggest, I will only have one day to see & hear as much as I can. Between Friday and Saturday, which would be the best day, if the Festival runs from Thursday to Sunday.