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Robin Thompson

Jean with Gene Bluestein, 1986

A young music friend pointed me to this:
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Tunings for several of Jeans Songs

Hello everybody, I have a hard time to determine the tunings Jean used. I try to replicate her sound. The main challenge is to play fast and good...
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Robin Thompson

From Appalshop, a wonderful interview with Jean Ritchie. I learned of this from @Dan -- thanks, friend!   
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Robin Thompson

instrument George built for Jean in 1951
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Robin Thompson

Jean's sister Edna

I just got this record from Edna Ritchie and enjoyed listening today.
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Robin Thompson

Jon Pickow & Joellen Lapidus on Killy Kranky

I have a recording of Jean playing & singing Killy Kranky-- off the top of my head, I'm thinking it is on her recording titled The Most...
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Robin Thompson

Jean at Gebhard Woods fest 1994

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Robin Thompson

Jean was in a movie called "Next of Kin"

I know nothing about this yet would like to see the film.  Helen Hunt and Patrick Swayze are in the bit shown here.  
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Robin Thompson

Jean's "Too Many Shadows"

This video is on George Pickow's channel on YT and is, really, a produced music video.  To my ear, it has an older Nashville sound.  I like it! 
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Ritchie Family Christmas reunion video, 1955

What a treasure this film clip is. Wishing all FOTMD members a meaningful new year of joy and reconnection. (you may have to click to "watch...
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Robin Thompson

Jon Pickow has died

One of Jean & George's sons has died.  Jon Pickow passed away recently.  Here is a link to his bio:
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Jean Ritchie collection NUIG Galway
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Robin Thompson

resource for some articles about Jean Ritchie
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