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Country: USA

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Wildwood Flower

Wildwood Flower

style or instrument: Noter Drone Style

musician/member name: Traildad

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This is the first song I learned on my dulcimer called Wildwood Flower.
11/14/20 05:01:00PM @strumelia:

This reminds me a whole lot of Bobby Ratliff's playing, on one of his dulcimers. Excellent sound, TrailDad!

10/29/20 01:07:26AM @traildad:

Thanks for the positive comments. I’m looking forward to learning more songs. 

Robin Thompson
10/28/20 07:50:04AM @robin-thompson:

Super good, Traildad!  

Don Grundy
10/22/20 05:34:12PM @don-grundy:

Bravo!  That's great!

Gary Major
10/22/20 09:21:36AM @gary-major:

Well you are certainly doing great. Rythym and timing are perfect. It is good to hear ouself play and we can get that encouragement we need.Thanks for sharing your songs. Keep it up. That was very enjoyable. You make me want to get my but back to playing and recording.

Thanks again

10/22/20 01:11:11AM @traildad:

Thanks. I have to say I am happy with how it turned out. I spent some time a few years ago trying to learn to play the piano. I lost a lot of interest when I listened to a recording of myself playing. I’m actually encouraged listening to this song. 

Dusty Turtle
10/22/20 12:43:09AM @dusty:

Even if that were the 100th tune you learned, it would be darn good!