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A quick tune on my new dulcimer

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Duration: 00:01:41
Messing around on my new dulcimer
Jennifer Wren
04/25/14 01:26:53AM @jennifer-wren:

That's a lovely song, and I wish I would find a dulcimer at a flea market!

Robin Thompson
04/22/14 06:57:07PM @robin-thompson:
Patric, I enjoyed your play-- what a delightful tune! As others have noted, that dulcimer is a nice find.
John Keane
04/22/14 06:45:40PM @john-keane:

That's a pretty great find! Smile.gif

04/22/14 06:04:26PM @phil:

that's a great find.

makes me want to finish one I started like that a few years ago, I have the sides put together never got the wood for the top and bottom.

John Henry
04/22/14 11:33:32AM @john-henry:

Enjoyed seeing/hearing this post Patric. Over the years I have made several dulcimers similar to this, usually for children, now I wish that I had kept one !!! Thanks for sharing


Blue Hand
04/22/14 03:12:01AM @blue-hand:

Thanks all for the comments!
@Marion: No, i found this dulcimer on a flea market a couple of days ago, and tinkered on it a bit to make it playable.

Patty from Virginia
04/21/14 10:36:44AM @patty-from-virginia:

That has a real nice sound!