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Battle Cry of Freedom

Artist: Chris Hornby
Genre: traditional
Duration: 00:02:23

Hopefully I don't trip over the copyright on this one. Not really sure how to check but Wiki says it is 1861

chris hornby
01/06/19 03:21:29PM @chris-hornby:

Thanks for the comments guys!

Robin Thompson
01/06/19 11:55:58AM @robin-thompson:

This is a good old tune and you did a good job playing it, Chris. 

Gordon Hardy
01/06/19 10:11:08AM @gordon-hardy:

That's a grand old tune, Chris, and your playing certainly does it justice! Thank you for sharing.

chris hornby
01/05/19 03:43:21PM @chris-hornby:

Glad you like it Steve. I was using DAD tuning and then mucked about with it a bit in Cubase introducing a piano at the end. There is more than one dulcimer track and it is a McSpadden. 

Steven Berger
01/05/19 03:38:37PM @steven-berger:

Very well done, Chris! As you can see from my avatar, I have a certain bias toward this wonderful song! What tuning did you use?