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Location: Market Drayton, Shropshire
Country: GB

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Alan Thompson
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Posted a response to "The Positive Thread...":
"I'm a little late in posting this message but as a positive,  I spent the weekend before last in Malvern UK with the Nonsuch dulcimer club at there annual..."

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jeffrey charles foster
10/03/16 12:00:42PM @jeffrey-charles-foster:

maybe the song  was His Eye is on The Sparrow to be honest I cant really remember


03/09/16 07:41:36AM @pine:

Thanks Alan. Glad you enjoyed it. I'm hoping to work out a duet for dulcimer and N.A. flute soon. Thinking they might sound very ice together.

Geoff Black
11/07/10 03:44:37PM @geoff-black:
AlanHi, it's Geoff here. About the Nonsuch weekend. It's a paid event with tutors and there's still spaces for all abilities, including complete beginners. If you just want to pop in and see everyone during one day, then I'm sure we can sort something if you let us know quickly. Email address is:reeve-black_revells@msn.comHope to see you.Geoff and Anne
John Henry
10/28/10 04:05:29AM @john-henry:
Some of us are meeting near Hereford on Sunday ???JohnH
Ben Seymour
10/26/10 07:16:00PM @ben-seymour:
You're Welcome Alan. It just made sense to me to use something a bit more universal in measurementsSmile.gifBen
John Henry
10/11/10 05:30:03AM @john-henry:
Looking forward to seeing some pics?John
John Henry
10/10/10 05:36:58PM @john-henry:
Hi Alan, glad that you are sorted now. What dulcimer do you have and did you make it?John
John Shaw
10/06/10 06:23:09AM @john-shaw:
Welcome, Alan, from another UK player (and, like John Henry, another Bristolian). You'll find lots of good stuff here. Have you also seen (another great site)?
John Henry
10/05/10 06:44:43PM @john-henry:
Hello Alan and a belated welcome, I must have missed your original 'join up'. Good to find another UK maker, be better if you lived a tad nearer ! I hope that you are able to sort your computer problems out soon, this is a good source of shared info on both making and playing, too good to miss !JohnH
Rod Westerfield
10/03/10 06:47:42PM @rod-westerfield:
welcome Alan glad ya joined the FOTMD family..
10/03/10 03:59:35PM @strumelia:
Hello Alan, welcome to you!
Bill Lewis
10/03/10 03:36:45PM @bill-lewis:
Welcome to FOTMD Alan. Grin.gif