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Location: portland, dorset
Country: uk

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Artist: Chris Hornby
Genre: irish traditional
Duration: 00:02:57

Traditional Irish tune played on Mountain Dulcimer, Baritone Dulcimer, Whistle and some VST instruments in Cubase. The tune also known as Carraigh Donn and Mountains of Mourne and has also been used for some filthy rugby songs! There is a video on YouTube at

chris hornby
04/15/19 05:51:49PM @chris-hornby:

Robin Thompson:

I like the tune!  Well played, Chris! 

Thanks Robin!


Robin Thompson
04/14/19 03:38:10PM @robin-thompson:

I like the tune!  Well played, Chris! 

chris hornby
04/12/19 07:57:28AM @chris-hornby:

Steven Berger:

Nicely done, Chris!

Thanks Steven!


Steven Berger
04/11/19 09:44:34PM @steven-berger:

Nicely done, Chris!