Do your pets enjoy your playing?

Colleen Hailey
3 years ago
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I've got 3 cats. One will fall asleep behind me as I'm playing, one has gotten to the point where she will deign to stay within earshot for a few minutes, and the third flees when she sees me carry a dulcimer into the room.

James Phillips
3 years ago
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Our dogs tend to congregate around when I'm playing.

Robin Thompson
3 years ago
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Our dog can take our music or leave it. There's no accounting for her tastes in music. :)

Robin T
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3 years ago
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Here was our Sheba just this afternoon ...she came into the living room and draped herself over the chair a few feet away, to listen to us playing music with a friend.

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Steven Berger
3 years ago
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Just your pets enjoy your dulcimer playing? My cat and my dog are my biggest fans. (Of course, free entertainment every evening, food an drink "on the house", and no motel fees may be the reasons they like my playing). 3.gif

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