June Apple Banjomer tuning

Ken Longfield
2 years ago
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I think Randy Adams tunes his dulcimers to banjo tunings minus the fifth string, but, then, Randy is a banjo player. He does some amazing things with a four equidistant string dulcimer in banjo tunings playing noter/drone style.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

Ken Hulme
2 years ago
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The answer is a resounding YES!  Most folks, I think, tune a banjimer like the dulcimer that it is.  But there's no reason you couldn't string and tune it as a banjo -- except all the conventional banjo chords would be 'backwards' more or less.

Estes George
2 years ago
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So, I came into another rescue, will require some work like the Blue Lion I recently acquired, it was worth the effort.

 My question is, it's the first equidistant strung dulcimer I own, a June Apple Banjomer,  I have another banjo dulcimer but it is strung as regular dulcimer, so it gets tuned in standard tunings, does anyone know if this should be tuned with the matching drone strings, or should it be tuned to banjo tuning?

 Thanks everyone.