Any guesses as to the maker of this dulcimer?

Ken Hulme
7 months ago
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I agree with John.   Looks like a hobbyist.   Fiddle (overhanging) edges were/are done by lots of builders.  The tuning head pegs don't look like any of the builders you mention.  

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Noah Aikens
7 months ago
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An elder in my church has a dulcimer very close to this shape from a builder in Georgia, but his has a lot more ornamentation than this one. I will have to ask him the name of the builder as I cannot remember (I was told once). As long as it plays nice it should be a fine instrument.

John C. Knopf
7 months ago
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George, it looks like kind of a rough job to me, not from a well-known maker.  The overall form is chunkier than that of the luthiers you mention.

I don't see a close resemblance to any others I've encountered.  I would guess a hobbyist made it.

Estes George
7 months ago
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It hgas hints of several makers, sort of Clifford Glenn, but heart holes face the wrong way. Has the extended edge top and bottom, Close to Homer Ledford, but in both cases is a different scroll head stock, and again, They tended to make all the sound holes face the same direction instrument to instrument. Seller says no signature or ;abel inside, usually always there, has the sort of Amburgey groove. Just Curious!! Thanks all once again for your insight and knowledge.

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