Will the Circle be Unbroken

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G=000 or 020, D=010 or 012, C=133 or 333.

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Hi Tom,

First, please note that there is a group here called Help Me Learn This Song that is specifically devoted to members helping one another learn specific songs.  You might consider joining that group and posting your question there.

However, I can give an initial response here.  If you are only playing the chords,  you don't have to tune to DGD.  In DAd, your G chord is 3-1-0, your C chord is 3-4-6, and your D chord is 0-0-2.  There are other versions of those chords, but that will get you started.

You can also learn the song in DAd in the key of D and put a capo on the third fret.  Play the song as you learned it in D and you will magically be in the key of G.  Check out this demo I did for another FOTMD discussion where I use this very song to demonstrate how to use a capo:


But if you are in DGD, your basic G chord would be 3-2-0, your basic C would be 3-1-1, and your basic D would be 2-1-0 .

I hope that helps. happys



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I am having some success with Will the Circle be Unbroken when tuned to dgd.  However, to play rhythm I struggle to find the G/C/D chords.  Is there a chart somewhere that shows the shapes of those chords?  


The reason that I am playing it in dgd tuning is because friends play the song in the key of G.  That being the case, am I limited to dgd tuning if I want to jam with them?