Names For Dulcimer Groups

John Keane
6 years ago
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A group from the health food store: Slim Pickin's

A group of clowns: Three String Circus

A group of firemen: String of Fire

A group from a ski lodge: Hot Buttered Strum

Ken Hulme
6 years ago
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I have a sign I put out when playing in parks etc. It reads

Will STOP PLAYING for money!

That's the name of my Group of One...

Robin Thompson
6 years ago
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John, just yesterday I told Mark that we could use "Don't Shoot!" as a name for our guitar/dulcimer duo. More appropriately, I should've said, "Please, Don't Shoot!" Grin.gif

Robin T
one of the Moderators here :)
Keep a song in your heart!
John Keane
6 years ago
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In a moment of randomness I was thinking of some of the creative names invented by rock bands in the 60's and 70's and thought that it might be fun to create similar names for dulcimer groups that we'll probably never see. I'll start with a few and encourage y'all to add to the list if you feel compelled. I feel that a giggle or two never hurt anyone in this ol' world. Grin.gif

A group of Coca-Cola Bottlers: Diet Coke Replaced My TAB

A group from South Bend, Indiana: The Noter Dames

A group of cosmetic reps: Made-Up on the Spot

A group from Canada Dry: The Diet Tonics

A group from a pet shop: Pick of the Litter

A group from an arts district: Beat of a Different Strum

Here's a few to get started. Please feel free to join in!

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