Folks, do you have pending 'Followers' left hanging...!?

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Hi everyone,

I'ts recently come to my attention the lots of members don't realize that they have Followers waiting to be approved by them.. sometimes for many months.  Members cannot exchange private messages or keep track of great new items posted by people they admire if their 'follow' has remained PENDING.  Some members have turned OFF their site notifications for when a new Follower has requested approval of them, so the poor pending follower remains in limbo.

I'd like to ask all members to please CHECK your Followers list to see if you have PENDING followers that require that you either Approve them or Delete their request.

There are TWO ways to check for PENDING followers:

1) Simply go to your Profile Page (by clicking on your name at top right of any FOTMD page...if you see your name then you know you are logged IN)... and on your profile page you should click the Followers TAB.  That's where you can approve or delete Followers as you like. (btw, deleting them will not send them a notice, it will simply quietly remove them from your follower list).  See this image for what you'll see to approve Followers that may be Pending in your profile:


2) The other easy way to check for any Pending followers is to HOVER your mouse over your NAME at the top right corner of the site (when you are logged in) and you'll see a dropdown menu appear.  In the menu is a link to "Pending Followers", with a number after it indicating if you have any.  Click there to approve any pending ones.

Ok, so....

Once you've updated your Followers list so no Followers have been left hanging, you can check how you have your site notifications set for you account.  For example, you can set your account to just automatically approve any new follower!

To check your settings for this, click on the Gear picture icon in your profile page ...there you will see three TABS:  Profile, Account, and Notifications.  --> Under the Profile TAb, there's a little checkbox that says: "Keep Followers Pending Until My Approval".  Make sure that checkbox is UNCHECKED if you want people to be able to freely become a follower of yours without needing or waiting for your approval.

  --> While you are there in your Settings... under your Notifications TAB, you can use the drop down menu to set it to send you a notification for various site events... like when you get someone requesting that their Follow of you be approved... or when someone makes a comment on one of your videos or photos, etc.

Please take a couple minutes to go over your profile/account settings.. it greatly effects how you experience the site, and makes things easier for everyone!

Thanks so much!   howdy

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