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Hi Ted, just type in a key word or key phrase into the Search field - click the white 'magnifying glass' icon at the very top right corner of any page. That will search the entire contents of the site.

There are also similar search fields available in various sections of the site, such as our Video section, or Photo section. Those will search only within that section.  For example, type in "cat" in the photo section and you'll get various photos with the word cat in the title or description.

An 'archive' is a collection of older material that is stored in a separate location from the current material, perhaps stored by date. In that sense, there is no 'archive' here on FOTMD because all our content from ten years is all kept in the same place here- you just have to use the search feature to find the specific things you are interested in, or else just browse older discussions and older pages from the Video or Audio sections. It's all there for the browsing.

Hope that helps.

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Is there an archives section ? Or key word that I can lookup .