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Frances Light Molinengo

Can you tell me a few good brands/luthiers for beginner dulcimers.

Hi All, I'm hoping to get involved with some volunteer work and teaching...
@Frances Light Molinengo 11 years ago - Comments: 4
Frances Light Molinengo

What prep is recommended to add a new finish to my older dulcimer?

I made a dulcimer in a class with Keith Young, luthier, 5 years ago or...
@Frances Light Molinengo 11 years ago - Comments: 0
Frances Light Molinengo

Prep for older dulcimer before refinish

What a great place for information! I made a dulcimer with Keith Young...
@Frances Light Molinengo 11 years ago - Comments: 9

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Frances Light Molinengo
12/28/14 11:20:26PM @frances-light-molinengo:
Dave, I can see I have not been back to my page for a good while. I would love to have info on your tab books if still available.Fran
David S Sharp
07/22/13 01:32:54PM @david-s-sharp:

Hi Frances - I have a Tab book out with some western and Pioneer tunes in the mix. I haven't written out some of the material that my wife and I did with the Arts councils masters apprentice program years ago. There are also some great pieces that can be found in the standard Pioneer collections and various public domain sites. All are talking of Utah, On the Road to California, Whoa, Buck and Jerry Boys, Zak the Mormon Engineer, All is well (Come ye Saints), Brigham Young Western Pioneer, Poor wayfairing man of grief and They think we live on Carrots down in Utah. Those are just some that come to mind and can be easily arranged on Dulcimer. Sorry to answer so late. I don't often check my Dulcimer page as often as I should. Dave Sharp

Karen Keane
05/02/12 06:29:47PM @karen-keane:

Hey Frances and welcome to the site. This is a great place to share ideas and listen to music. I hope you enjoy!

05/02/12 11:43:37AM @phil:

Hi Frances Welcome to FOTMDGrin.gif

Ben Barr Jr
05/02/12 08:29:38AM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Hi Frances, and welcome to the wonderful world of the Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer. It's a good place to come, spend some time, learn and exchange ideas about the dulcimer and to meet some good people. I really enjoyed your account of being introduced to the dulcimer and the people you met in doing so, including dulcimer maker and teacher.

BenSmile.gif Smile.gif

John Keane
05/02/12 07:27:22AM @john-keane:

Howdy and welcome to the FOTMD family!

Rob N Lackey
05/02/12 06:01:47AM @rob-n-lackey:

Welcome, Frances, to this little corner of dulcimer heaven. I hope you'll favor us with a picture of "Froggie." Hope you'll enjoy it here.


Jim Fawcett
05/02/12 02:46:54AM @jim-fawcett:

Hey Frances, welcome aboard. Glad ya found us.