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Marcia Mikesell
05/03/17 07:54:32PM @marcia-mikesell:

Hi Karen:

Thank you......I'm just getting back into it! I bought a new Ron Gibson dulcimer last summer.

Hopefully, I can improve my playing skills! 

01/08/16 08:00:31PM @simondavis:

Thanks, Karen.  I don't know of any MD players in China, where I live, so on-line seemed to be the best option to make some contacts. 

Jim Phillips
01/07/16 07:51:39PM @jim-at-gcreek:

Thank you!  I want to learn from all you experienced Players.

01/04/16 08:16:46PM @brenda:

Thanks. I hope to learn much and to participate. 

01/04/16 10:11:10AM @brenda:

Thank you. I'm so glad to have found this group.

01/02/16 09:24:55PM @gulfvet:

Thank you for the welcome.

01/02/16 07:47:58PM @caraa:

Thank you!


Dan H
11/23/15 09:35:31PM @dan-h:

Thank you.  As you can probably guess by my late response, I've got a lot to learn about this site.

09/10/15 12:50:50PM @ande-d:

Hi Karen and John!!  We met in July at Song of the Wood in Black Mountain and you both are my inspiration. I'm learning bit by bit and playing (and I use that term lightly) my new first dulcimer is therapy for my hand. Like my husband, Russell, and I said, if you're ever in Orlando....

Lexie R Oakley
08/03/15 01:08:22PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Hi Karen and John, I just wanted you to know, thanks to your Native American Flute playing along with the dulcimer that I bought a High Spirits Flute in the key of "A" made of white cedar, a 6 hole, it is called the Sparrow Hawk and is beautiful.

I like how Odell encourages and teaches and look forward to learning along with encouraging my "Lil Girly" to play. I think they sound beautiful with the dulcimer and are also an easy instrument to play.

I hope you will be able to give me tips and provide encouragement as you do with learning to play the dulcimer.

Thanks so much for your beautiful music.


Karen B
07/09/15 08:36:37AM @karen-b:

Thanks, Karen!

07/08/15 05:19:09PM @martlucia91:

Thank you ! I appreciate the welcome

06/27/15 11:00:51PM @kandee:

Thank you for the welcome Karen!

06/21/15 04:38:19PM @kerry:

Thank you

Mill Branch Dulcimores
06/19/15 09:15:48PM @mill-branch-dulcimores:

Thanks Karen!

Drew Hussey
06/10/15 06:29:16PM @drew-hussey:

Thanks for the welcome. I look forward to learning lots.

06/05/15 01:28:16PM @sarah:

Thanks. I appreciate the welcome.

Nancy Horton
06/04/15 12:44:52PM @nancy-horton:

Thanks for the welcome!

Timothy P Teefey
06/02/15 10:42:43PM @timothy-p-teefey:

Karen thanksfor the nice welcome, looks like a great site! Tim

Alan Conrad
06/01/15 09:55:29AM @alan-conrad:

Thanks, Karen. I'm glad to be here and am expecting good things from this site.