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My Brightest Diamond dulcimer cover

A cover of one of my all-time favorite songs... I highly encourage you to listen to the original if you haven't!  Oh, and there's an...
@glowhazel started one week ago - replies: 2

If this is true the Piezo goes on the Bottom?

Athena Tiamet From Benjamin Collie Seymour "actually the back is what vibrates and generates the sound on a dulcimer as the top is separated by...
@Nathina started one week ago - replies: 0


Hi I just received a dulcimer for my birthday! I have started to play around and getting to know it. I am looking for any ideas that can help me...
@VMasters started one week ago - replies: 5

Modern Noter Drone Dulcimers

Sometimes it seems as though all dulcimers made today are designed for chording and are equal temperament. I know there are some people that make...
@traildad started 2 weeks ago - replies: 23

My first dulcimer

I made the trip yesterday to Mountain View, Arkansas and purchased my first dulcimer. McSpadden 4FHWW. I haven't had time to sit and piddle around...
@salsarev started 2 weeks ago - replies: 6
Dusty Turtle

tightening a pickup jack

The pickup jack on my dulcimer is loose.   It rattles around and creates a buzz when I play. Has anyone used one of these tighteners ?  Would...
@Dusty Turtle started 3 weeks ago - replies: 2

Homemade Noter

I received some 3/4 Purple Heart dowel I want to experiment with for making a noter. I’ve been using some orange Osage. Both woods are not at all...
@traildad started 3 weeks ago - replies: 4
David Bennett

Today In Mountain Dulcimer History: November
@David Bennett started 3 weeks ago - replies: 3
David Bennett

John Rawdon/Dolly Parton Dulcimer

The Dolly Parton dulcimer that was auctioned yesterday sold for $37,500. The instrument was made in 1980 by John Rawdon of "Dulcimers By JR" out...
@David Bennett started 4 weeks ago - replies: 2

Easy instructions on changing strings on a flathead dulcimer

I have had a heck of a time locating easy to read and understand instructions on the simple task of putting a new string on my dulcimer. Most...
@Leny-Sue started 4 weeks ago - replies: 3
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