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Dusty Turtle

Is a Dmaj7 too weird for this song?

Hey folks.  I am arranging an old lullaby called "A La Ru" that was used by Franscican missionaries in a nativity play called Los Pastores...
@Dusty Turtle started 2 days ago - replies: 4

The Rockin' LIVESTREAM thread- for all members!

Greetings FOTMD members, and esteemed members of the Rockin' In The Free World group! Let this be the thread where all FOTMD members can post...
@Strumelia started 2 days ago - replies: 0
Rob N Lackey

A Livestream Test

@Rob N Lackey started 3 days ago - replies: 4
Gordon Hardy

March 24 2020 Living Room Concert

@Gordon Hardy started 4 days ago - replies: 0
Bill Robison

Sound hole areas

Does anyone have reference to studies reguarding soundhole size and location for dulcimers?
@Bill Robison started one week ago - replies: 4
Don B

New Hampshire Dulcimer Players?

Where are all the NH Dulcimer Players?
@Don B started one week ago - replies: 0

glowhazel - ambient dulcimer music

So I've maybe broken tradition here and gone forth into the land of effects and looping - and I'm having a lot of fun with it!  I truly...
@glowhazel started 2 weeks ago - replies: 0
Sam Edelston

Wild Horses on a Dulcimer

Okay, it's not about horses riding on a dulcimer, or even doing dressage on one, but I couldn't resist using that as the title. Here's my cover...
@Sam Edelston started 2 weeks ago - replies: 4
Ken Hulme

Another "Not A Dulcimer" Build

In collaboration with a Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland  professor of Musicology, I am re-creating a "lost" Celtic instrument, called a Tiompan,...
@Ken Hulme started 3 weeks ago - replies: 4
Rob N Lackey

Gardner Winter Music Fest 2020

@Rob N Lackey started 3 weeks ago - replies: 5
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