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Normandy Beaches (dulcimer)

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D-Day plus 70 years. A pipe tune commemorating the event, played on the Appalachian string bagpipe. The dulcimer is tuned CGc. The melody is played (mostly) ...
Jud Barry
07/07/14 02:16:49PM @jud-barry:

'Twould be an honor, Robin!

Robin Clark
07/07/14 05:19:11AM @robin-clark:

Oh that's lovely Smile.gif I'm going to'catch' that tune from you Jud!!!!

John Keane
06/15/14 10:55:26AM @john-keane:

Nice job, and a nice tribute as well. Smile.gif

Jud Barry
06/11/14 05:49:19PM @jud-barry:

Amen, folkfan, as to remembrance: music concentrates the heart.

06/11/14 09:56:19AM @folkfan:

A bone shivering, tear trickling melody. Perfect way to remember the fallen.

Jud Barry
06/11/14 08:43:41AM @jud-barry:

I'm glad to know about that, Helen! It just happens to be an easy way to get a good bagpipe drone without retuning. Thank you passing that along.Smile.gif

Helen Seiler
06/11/14 05:13:04AM @helen-seiler:

I love this Jud. I was looking thru my first Celtic Music book the other day and noticed so much of the melody was played on the middle string and had been wondering about it. So your clip and explanationwas good timing. Sucha moving and respectfulpiece. Thanks for sharing.

Jud Barry
06/09/14 08:31:27PM @jud-barry:

Thank you, Patty and Cindy, for your kind words!

Cindy Stammich
06/09/14 08:06:01PM @cindy-stammich:
Jud - What a beautiful and haunting song to play in honor of D Day!Thank you so much for sharing it!
Patty from Virginia
06/08/14 03:22:11PM @patty-from-virginia:

Lovely JudSmile.gif . Thanks for showing another way to playSmile.gif

Jud Barry
06/08/14 01:29:03PM @jud-barry:

Thank you, Carrie! And just so everyone knows, the actual purpose of the doubled string on 4-stringers is to double the drone at the octave--just like bagpipes do! The *real* melody string is the middle string!

Anybody out there buying that?3.gif78.gif

Jud Barry
06/07/14 05:51:21PM @jud-barry:

Thanks, Steven. One of my favorite pipe tunes is a musical memorial to the Battle of the Somme. I thought D-Day deserved its own pipe tune.

Steven Berger
06/07/14 05:37:34PM @steven-berger:

Very nicely done! And thank you for commemorating a momentous day in history. One of my uncles was there.

Jud Barry
06/07/14 09:53:48AM @jud-barry:

Right you are, Rob! Something that's fun to play around with is to tune to CFc or DGd and, with the outer strings chiming the drone, go back and forth between mixolydian (drones @ the 5th) and dorian (drones @ the octave) tunes played on the middle string.

Rob N Lackey
06/07/14 06:45:51AM @rob-n-lackey:

Excellent, Jud. There are some tunes that sound really good when played on the middle string like that.

Jud Barry
06/06/14 09:30:38PM @jud-barry:

There's been some recent discussion about bagpipe tuning in the old style group. I thought it might be timely to play an original pipe tune commemorating D-Day and also showing how you can get the bagpipe drone effect in CGc (or DAd) by playing the melody on the middle string. fwiw I've read somewhere that the middle string was actually the (doubled) melody string on early dulcimers, with the two outer strings serving as drones. Also, I use what I regard as the traditional strum, which is towards the body, striking the bass string first.

If you want to hear the wind version of this, it's at