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Anne Bowman
12/20/14 10:31:37PM @anne-bowman:

Well ... there's alway a tent or caravan park ... I guess sometimes you just have to make sacrifices in the interests of spreading the BD word to those in the less enlightened far reaches of the globe ....Smile.gif ...

Anne Bowman
12/20/14 07:04:08PM @anne-bowman:

Whoops, meant ANOTHER Aussie .... too used to editing my typos in facebook..

Anne Bowman
12/20/14 07:00:29PM @anne-bowman:

O.K . I'll try that strategy and see what happens. From your comment wall, looks like Aussie is contemplating a BD .... There you go ... That'd be 3 players for your 'Bowed DulcimersDownUnder' workshop tour ....113.gif

Anne Bowman
12/19/14 11:34:51PM @anne-bowman:

Hi Ken,

Finally joined FOTMD ... That high B in Biscuit's Bounce is a killer on the Octave ...Smile.gif

Helen Seiler
02/04/13 04:53:32PM @helen-seiler:
Thanks Ken, that might be a possibility. Last night I got to thinking I might hold off on my order for a few months. I am presently paying off a bass md by instalments with Dave Lynch at Sweetwoods. It is due for delivery in April. Dave built me a great banjimer that I also payed off. So I am still interested but will wait until cash flow is a bit better. I watched the clip of the duet you played with a lovely lady last night. I really liked her softer sound or was it something other than a standard. I haven't been able to find any clips by your students. Can u suggest how I find them? Googling 'bowed dulcimer' doesn't bring them up. Ta Helen
Helen Seiler
02/03/13 11:22:02PM @helen-seiler:
G'day there again young Ken. I am quite keen to order one but am concerned that the lack of a teacher in Oz for your instrument could be a concern. I have managed learning md without a teacher, just books, cds and a lot of help from FOTMD. But I can see where I am fretting on an md. Fretting by feel sounds a little scary. This old dog is a little slow at new tricks. I think your instrument's sound is devine. I wanted to learn fiddle but an old neck injury canned that idea. I note a few bd players talk about lessons. Do you have any further Youtube lessons like the getting started one? Ta Helen
Helen Seiler
02/02/13 11:28:02PM @helen-seiler:
Thanks for your thoughts re fretboard. When watching u play I thought the chromamatic scale seemed simple and easy to follow. Another question. If I were to order one and pay deposit roughly how long until delivery. I imagine u are very busy. Ta Helen
Helen Seiler
02/02/13 07:29:21PM @helen-seiler:
Thanks for getting back to me Ken. I love the short tune u play on your 13 minute video for getting started with the dark side (I love that). I really want to play old fiddle tunes. I am only used to my md diatonic fretboard but seem to have a good ear. Can fiddle tunes be bowed diatonic or do you think chromatic is the way to go? Which way is easier yet still a gives good old time fiddle sound result. Also, is full payment required up front or a deposit to get the instrument started then balance on completion. Thanks Helen.
Helen Seiler
02/02/13 12:24:06AM @helen-seiler:
Hi Ken. I came across your bowed dulcimer blog and weboage this morning. I would be a year off getting one, but can I ask how much your standard bowed dulcimer currently costs? And the next model up? Ta Helen (FOTMD member Australia).
12/17/09 09:21:30AM @strumelia:
Hi Ken,Yes, Ray is terribly missed. The memorial was just wonderful- everyone did such a fantastic job of honoring Ray in loving ways. Diane was incredible. I can still hear Ray's voice in my head, telling stories, laughing, cooking, playing with his cat. :) Anyone who knew or met Ray, even for an hour or so, was better for it.Brian and I were lucky to have been able to spend a couple of hours playing with Ray at our BlackCreek fiddle fest over Memorial day weekend this past Spring. Back then he seemed still strong and optimistic. He managed Mt. Airy pretty well I heard, but I know he was quite weak by Clifftop. It meant everything to him to be there with all his many many friends one last time. Ray's wonderful spirit and shining example will live on in all of us.
Robin Thompson
12/16/09 01:12:27PM @robin-thompson:
Hey, Ken!I think you'll recognize the lower bout of the instrument in the photo for the Rosin the Bow! group here on FOTMD. ;)Robin
Bill Lewis
12/16/09 12:13:22PM @bill-lewis:
Welcome to FOTMD Ken. :)
12/16/09 10:14:52AM @strumelia:
Hi Ken, welcome to FOTMD! :D
Rod Westerfield
12/16/09 09:27:06AM @rod-westerfield:
welcome Ken... glad ya joined the family...