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All the Good Times, noter/drone on electric MD

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Robin Clark
01/08/12 06:42:48AM @robin-clark:

I really like that Grin.gif

01/05/12 08:51:19AM @magictime:

Thanks all. Jim, go ahead and steal whatever you want!

Jim Fawcett
01/05/12 07:53:55AM @jim-fawcett:

Ditto to what John says there Magictime. I like the improve you do . I'm just started to play this song and really like the addition. Gonna try to steal it from you if you don't mind? Grin.gif I'm always wondering if I play the song right if I've never heard it before. So I'm relieved to know that Igot it right this time.

John Keane
01/05/12 05:50:34AM @john-keane:

I won't speak for everyone else, but I like it! The Yocky sounds great and you did a very nice job with the tune!